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Marshall Islands Surf Trip Vacation Destinations

Geography: Area: 181 sq. km. (about 70 sq. mi.) of land area scattered over 750,000 sq. mi. of the Western Pacific. Cities: Capital--Majuro (pop. 25,000 in 2005). Other towns--Ebeye (12,000 in 2005), Jaluit (1,700 est. 2005). Terrain: 29 low-lying coral atolls and five single islands. The Marshall Islands is comprised of 29 atolls and five single islands, which form two parallel groups--the "Ratak" (sunrise) chain and the "Ralik" (sunset) chain. Two-thirds of the nation's population lives in Majuro and Ebeye. The outer islands are sparsely populated due to lack of employment opportunities and economic development.

Climate: Tropical with a wet season from May to November.

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Marshall Islands Map
Marshall Islands Map

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