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Pitcairn Islands Surf Trip Vacation Destinations

Pitcairn Island was discovered in 1767 by the British and settled in 1790 by the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian companions. Pitcairn was the first Pacific island to become a British colony (in 1838) and today remains the last vestige of that empire in the South Pacific. Outmigration, primarily to New Zealand, has thinned the population from a peak of 233 in 1937 to less than 50 today.

Pitcairn Islands is located in Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about midway between Peru and New Zealand, in the timezone GMT -8.5. The country has boundaries of 0 (km), and a coastline of 51 (km). Major urban areas: Adamstown, no (other) major settlements.

Climate tropical, hot, humid; modified by southeast trade winds; rainy season (November to March).

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