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American Samoa Islands Surf Trip Vacation Destinations

The territory of American Samoa consists of 7 islands that lie 4700 km (2600 miles) southwest of Hawaii, in the center of the Pacific Ocean and are the oldest of the Samoan Islands. The total land mass for the 7 islands is 197 sq km (76.1 sq miles) with 74% belonging to the island of Tutuila. Tutuila is roughly 30 km long and 6 km at its widest point with Pago Pago Harbor at the center of the island. This harbor is the remnants of a volcanic crater and a deep sheltered location, prime as an ocean vessel port. The majority of the population resides on this island.

Surf Samoa: Upolu: From Apia east to Cape Utumauu, on the south coast from Matautu to Matatufu and off Aganoa Beach and Sinalei Reef Resort (Siumu) also on the south coast. Savaii: Near Satuiatua on the south coast, near Manase on the north and near Lesolo Point on the northeast. On Savaii a daily surfing fee is payable to villages. This fund assists the local children's education.

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Surf Trip Surf Travel Video: Surfing Aganoa Beach, Samoa


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