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New Zealand Surf Trip Destinations

Surf Trip Surf Travel Video Surfing New Zealand: North Island coast line at some of NZs classic spots - Taranaki, Raglan, Whanga bar, Piha, Shipwreck bay

New Zealand Map
New Zealand Map

Raglan Weather

10 Things You Didn't know about New Zealand: RacerX Illustrated Volume 9, no 4

1. Less Than 5 percent of the population of New Zealand is human, the rest are animals, giving it one of the highest animal to people ratios in the world.

2. New Zealand's French Pass, which separates d'Urville Island from South Island Coast, is the only place in the world where two different levels of ocean can be seen at once. A Fact that not only inspires awe, but causes extremely dangerous currents.

3. New Zealand is home to the kea, the only bird in the known to actively seek out rubber to eat. It particularly likes the strips around car windows.

4. In 1977, a Japanese fishing ship trawling for mackerel off the coast of New Zealand, reportedly hauled up the rotting corpse of a 4,000 pound, 32 foot sea creature that none of the crew could identify. After photographing and taking tissue samples of the carcass, they dumped it overboard for fear of contaminating their catch. To this day, scientists debate whether the creature was a sea lion, basking shark, of plesiosaur, which are thought to have become extinct along with dinosaurs.

5. New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote, in 1893.

6. New Zealand has two official languages: English and Maori.

7. New Zealand is the only country that has every climate found in the world.

8. The Weta, a large cricket native to New Zealand, is able to go into suspended animation during the winter. Rather than seeking shelter, it allows itself to freeze completely solid, then thaws out in spring.

9. In addition to having a highly developed sense of smell, New Zealand's flightless kiwi birds form monogamous relationships know to last as long as 30 years.

10. The Largest measured giant squid, found stranded on a New Zealand Beach in 1880, stretched to almost 60 feet from the tip of it's head to the end of it's 40 foot long tentacles.

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