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Surfing Video: On Credit
On Credit
5 months, 4 credit cards, 35 flights, 15 contests, 1 handycam... A surfer's dream. Welcome to 'On Credit'. The story of Johnny Abegg, an aspiring Pro Surfer, who after years of persistence and with no financial sponsor, ... [More]
Download Now: On Credit   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: On Credit  $22.95
Year: 2006

Surfing Video: Raising the Bar
Raising the Bar
Whether at home in Hawaii or travelling with the world's best free surfers and World Tour vets, Doner's distinct style and incredible swimming put you right in the line-up. Raising The Bar gives you a perspective that only a ... [More]
Download Now: Raising the Bar   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: Raising the Bar  $24.95
Year: 2004

Surfing Video: West Coast Shootout
West Coast Shootout
After the second Wettest year in recorded history, Legendary sandbars began to appear up and down the California coast. The months of January and February of 2005 will be remembered as the most Epic surf California has ever ... [More]
Download Now: West Coast Shootout   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: West Coast Shootout  $19.99
Year: 2005

Surfing Video: WOW
"WOW" is a big wave video documentary that captured "the wave of the day" at Teahupoo, Tahiti on April 29, 2003. For the dozen or so photographers ... [More]
Download Now: WOW   $2.99
Year: 2003

Surfing Video: Blue Crush: The Original
Blue Crush: The Original
The Original Blue Crush has become one of the biggest selling surf titles of all time -- selling in over 45 coutnries worldwide and featured in 5 film festivals. The movie stars the talent of the same great female surfers featured ... [More]
Download Now: Blue Crush: The Original   $2.99
Year: 2000

Surfing Video: Lines From a Poem
Lines From a Poem
Lines from a Poem offers an original and compelling perspective into the art of classical longboarding on the East Coast of Australia. It features an international crew of surfers including Tom Wegener, Scott Dillon, Alex Knost, ... [More]
Download Now: Lines From a Poem   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: Lines From a Poem  $19.99
Year: 2006

Surfing Video: These Are...Better Days
These Are...Better Days
In a day when a bottle of water costs more than gas and school kids fear for their lives, it's nice to know a surfer can jump out into the big blue ocean and slip away from it all. Come with us on a narrated surfing journey and ... [More]
Download Now: These Are...Better Days   $2.99
Buy DVD Now: These Are...Better Days  $19.95
Year: 1999

Surfing Video: Addiction
An in-depth look at Matt Archbold. This tell all story reveals raw footage from the earliest years to the most recent days of Archy's surfing career. Interviews with other top pros and Archy himself. The More Core Division lives ... [More]
Download Now: Addiction   $1.99
Year: 2000

Surfing Video: Back In Town
Back In Town
The follow-up to the Award Winning "Bounty Hunters." Pete Frieden's "Back In Town" visits exotic locations, capturing exclusive sessions with the world's best surfers. From perfect 10 foot barrels in Tahiti and Hawaii to epic ... [More]
Download Now: Back In Town   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: Back In Town  $24.95
Year: 2004

Surfing Video: Change The Subject
Change The Subject
Captured on 16mm and digital video, "Change the Subject" focuses on modern performance surfing. From epic contest clashes between world champions, to free surfing in some of the world's best waves, "Change the Subject" offers ... [More]
Download Now: Change The Subject   $3.99
Buy DVD Now: Change The Subject  $29.95
Year: 2004

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