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Delta Airlines Charges $300 Per Surfboard Each Way!

Traveling Costs Continue to Skyrocket as Delta Increases Surfboard Baggage Charges to $300 per board each way.

Delta Airlines No fly Zone. As the trend continues to blame high fuel costs on everything, Delta Airlines has increased the charge per surfboard to $300 per board each way. No per bag, but per board. This is staggering! That means three boards to Indo you could pay up to $1,800 round trip just for your surfboards. Additionally, as we know airlines are like sheep, you can expect most airlines to follow suite. For detailed information about Delta Airlines excessive baggage charges click on the following link. More Airlines Surfboard Baggage Charges...

Golf Clubs and Body Boards are still free.

Delta Airlines Sucks.  Charge $300 per surfboard
Delta Airlines Sucks! $300 per surfboard is insane.


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