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Surfboards by Tim Stamps
Tim Stamps Surfboards
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Shape Dimensions: Length, Nose, Width, Tail, Thickness Fins Review:

Tim Stamps

Swallow Tail Thruster 6'5" 11½ 18¾ 14 2 3/8 Glass On TrueAmes Honeycomb New! EPS Epoxy, Custom Shaped. Excellent Performance, Fast, Drivey, Nice Release off the top, carries through the flats. Glass on fins make a huge difference!


6'6" 11½ 18¾ 13¼ 2 3/8 Future Fins

EPS/Epoxy! Excellent Board. Strong and Lightweight. Extra rocker rear of the thruster fin. Good in fast, hollow surf.

Swallow Thruster 6'5" 11½ 18¾ 14 2 3/8 Glass On Daily Rider - Good Balanced all around Board.
Round Square Thruster 6'6" 11½ 18¾ 13¼ 2 3/8 Glass On Was Daily Rider (Sadly broken): Excellent Board w/extra rocker rear of the thruster fin. Good in fast, hollow surf.

Round Pin Thruster

6'8" 11 3/8 18¾12½ 2½ FCS Medium Sized Board: Excellent performance in Indo
Pin Tail Thruster 7'0" 10 7/8 18¾12½ 2½ FCS Looks Good but Unfortunately Never Waxed
To read more about Tim Stamps Surfboards: Check out EPS Epoxy Foam Surfboards article, My Stamps EPS/Epoxy Surfboard, Shaping An EPS Epoxy Surfboard by Tim Stamps Photo Essay.
Al Merrick Swallow Thruster 6'4" 11¼ 18 5/8 14¼ 2 3/8 FCS Was Daily Rider (buckled): Great board in surf up to a couple feet overhead.
Carl Hayward Round Square Tail Thruster 6' 5½" 11 1/8 18¾13¾ 2 3/8 Glass On This was a magic board for which I milked the life out of as long as I could. Extra rocker rear of the thruster fin for good tight carving turns in the pocket.
Round Pin Thruster 6' 5" 11 5/8 18 7/813 5/8 2 1/4 Glass On Circa 1987. Good board for small fun surf. Low nose and tail rocker.
Round Square Thruster 6'5½" 11 1/8 18½13¾ 2 3/8 Glass On Good Board in hollow surf. Narrow with extra nose and tail rocker.
Round Square Thruster 6'5" 11¾ 18¾ 13¾2 3/8 Glass On Good all around daily board.
Wil Jobson Winged Swallow Thruster 5'10" 12½ 20 15½ 2 3/4 Glass On Twin w/boxed thruster Circa 1984. Great board in small surf which I will still ride. Unique boomerang thruster fin.
Magic (shaper?) Swallow Tail Fun Board 7'5" 11¼ 18 5/8 14¼ 2 3/4 Glass On Twin w/boxed thruster Broken but fixed. Rarely ride but this board works very well, maybe when I grow up.
Becker Pin Tail Single Fin 6'8" 13½ 19¼ 11¾2¾ Glass On Early seventies. Saved from trash. Fun board which I will still ride when I need to refine my lines.
Dave Sweet Round Square Single Fin Long Board 9'8" Wide Wide Wide Thick Glass On Circa 1950's. Red wood stringer, wood block tail glassed on fiberglass fin. Flat Rocker and Heavy. Fun board when small.

SurfTrip Video: Mentawai's 2005

I was on the WavePark Island for 20 days and I only have 2 minutes of video to show. We scored so many hours good surf this video really doesn't do the WavePark Justice but it's all I have. I am riding a 6'8" Tim Stamps Rounded Pin Tail. It is an excellent surfboard but it was a bit too big for the waves. I had an insane 6'6" Tim Stamps Sqaure Tail that broke on the 3rd day and my backup board, 6'6" Kirk Bierke I had left over from my North Shore days also buckled. Read the WavePark Mentawai SurfTrip Review and be Sure To Check out WavePark Mentawai on

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